I got a great opportunity! I got a job in Getaway Tours trip to the Greenland ( My good friend Mikey Sarelin was the leader of the group and I was the chef. We flied from Helsinki to Copenhagen and continued in the morning to the Kangerlussuaq in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq has been US air base called Blue West 8. In these days it is only airport in Greenland where goes international flights. I think it is in the middle of everywhere. It’s 5 hours from Rome, 4 hours from Copenhagen, New York and Paris and 3 hours from London and North Pole. But it wasn’t our destination. After a short wait we continued to Sisimiut, the second largest town after capital Nuuk.


We were in Sisimiut after midday, because lag from Finland was -5 hours. We had some time to watch around there. Before that we had to scrape together food and necessary accessories to the camp with Mikey. Food was ordered at the local shop already, but when we went to fetch them no one didn’t know anything about our orders. After a long settlement we found a guy ho did knew something, but still part of our stuff was missing. We had to go directly in wholesalers and pick up rest of the foods.


We slept first night in the hotel and left Sisimiut in early morning with boat. We travelled 80km to the end of the fjord, and continued with inflatable boat to the river. There was complete tent camp with big food tent. Rest of the group started settling in their tents and getting ready for fishing. I started to prepare food tent. There were aggregate for fridges and freezer and four gas cookers. Really nice and comfortable setting.


My job was to make breakfast and dinner for others. Meaning that I had to wake up 7 am and breakfast had to be ready 8 am. After that I washed the dishes. In the evening I had to come 5-6 pm back to camp and make dinner. Not so bad especially since Mikey gave me exemption for dinner in two days. That day I left fishing from breakfast and was fishing the whole day and night. I came back to camp day later directly to make breakfast to the others. I went night fishing other days also.


Fishing started about 3 km upstream from the camp. Arctic Char came from the sea and they did not stop earlier. Some times when I was walking upstream from the camp, chars swam at the same rate from the sea. There were lots of fishes, but you had to float your fly just right to fish to get bites. You had to use very heavy flies and extra weights in your leader to get flies in front of the fish. Night time was different. Fishes were very active and I didn’t use any weight in my leader or flies. In late evening and night time we used also surface flies. Chars were very big. I caught every day some over 70cm fishes and with Mikey we both caught 80cm arctic char. Average size of fishes was over 60cm.


Arctic Char is very powerful fish. First I used my 6 weight and 9 feet Hardy Zephrus FWS rod and 0,30 fluorcarbon leader, but after a couple of days I changed to my 7 weight and 9 feet Hardy Zephrus SWS rod and 0,38mm fluorcarbon leader. Still I broke my leader sometimes when my line was some wrong place like around my hand or reel. Best colors of the flies were pink, orange, purple and black. Day time I used hook size #10-#4 and night time #6-#2.


After 7 days fishing we had to come back to the civilization. Faces burned and with leg pain we got up the boat and returned Sisimiut. After long shower and great dinner we decided to go check nightlife in Sisimiut. It was Sunday evening, but there were lots of people in local bar. People were very friendly. They bought some drinks for us and tried to talk. Unfortunately most of the locals didn’t speak English but we still had fun. They gave me nick names Karate Kid and Party Boy. I don’t know where the names came from but my leg was more painful after that night. I think I hurt my knee when I danced trepak (ripaska) on the floor.

Next morning our first flight was cancelled because of the fog. We had to wait a few hour in Sisimiut and much more hours in Kangerlussuaq. Nice trip anyway!



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