We climbed up the hills at a height of 800 meters and carried 30-36 kg heavy backpacks over 20 kilometers and we crossed several rivers to get to destination. Sweating and freezing alternately.

The weather was really challenging. While we were trekking the storm started and we lost the path! It took 14 hours to walk to destination from car and when we found nice camping place it was very challenging to set up tents. I have never experienced that kind of a storm in tundra before.

We woke up in the afternoon and weather had changed. First evening and night were totally perfect for fishing.


Next day weather changed totally again. It started to rain and wind very hard. On three days of eleven we didn’t left the tent at all. Temperature rotated between 3 and 5 degrees, a couple of days were up almost to 15 degrees. But still it was all worth it. Through hard work, we caught some great fish!




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