We spent one week in Gotland. On this trip we had almost the same group than last year. Juuso and Pieta came on our car. Antti and Veera joined the group on halfway of the trip with their own car. My wife Hanna had to fly back to Finland a couple of days before the others.



This year we decided to travel to Gotland one month earlier than last year and it was a good decision. Last year the water was too warm and fishes were too far away from the coastline. This year we had nice weather in the beginning of the week. We caught many fishes and also some good sized. But after that Hanna flied back home the weather changed and fishing was bad. Hanna is our lucky fisher woman 😉

Antti's pure silver 68cm

Antti’s pure silver 68cm

But anyway, the trip was awesome and everybody caught fishes. Best thing was that Antti and Veera both caugth their first seatrouts ever. Antti’s first one was 72cm and third 68cm. Not bad for seatrout rookie!

Hardy's new Zephrus SWS #7 9' rod

Hardy’s new Zephrus SWS #7 9′ rod

I had also some new stuff with me. New Hardy Zephrus SWS #7 9′ was a really great rod. I have used Hardy Wrait #7 9′ before this trip and it is very fast and light to use, but I have some problems with my arms and fast action rods are not good for me when I have to cast long day. The New Zephrus SWS suprised me with a lighter sling weight and throwing properties. It is also very good rod for long casting and big flies but the best thing is that it is so comfortable to use. Wrait is also good for long casting, but it’s so fast that I’m going to use it only for very bad weather from now on.

Hardy Wraith #7 9' And new stormfront back from Patagonia

Hardy Wraith #7 9′ with Ultralite CA DD And new Stormfront pack from Patagonia

With Zephrus SWS I’m using Guideline Coastal Slow Inter fly line and with Wrait #7 I’m using new Rio InTouch Outbound Short S1 and Intermediate lines. Coastal Slow Inter is very good and smooth line for long casting and the sink rate is only 1,25 cm/sec. Outbound short is heavy and agressive line for fast action rods and bad weather. Outbound’s Intermediate running line sink rate is 3,80cm/sec and tip 5cm/sec. (I have calculated this from inches). Sinking line cuts through the wind and waves, because it is thinner and heavier.



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